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Digital Entrapment

I’ve often shared the same worries Virilio expresses. I am not as intense about it, but still. I give thought to the fact that I’m so completely “on-the-map”. My cell phone, laptop, even my home computer and land line can all be monitored and tracked. I don’t think that anyone currently has any reason to do so, […]

Open Sky

In the first 3 chapters of Open Sky, written by Paul Virilio, he discusses our society’s change in interpersonal communication. He emphasizes the importance of changing the ways in which our communication is deteriorating. One thing I thought was interesting was Virilio’s concern about face to face interaction. Virilio would agree that in order to […]

It’s All About the User

This article is essentially outlining what the focus behind every webpage should be- the user. A webpage can not be about what the author wants, it must be a combination of the author’s message and the user’s experience.  There are seven general aspects of adapting to your webpages’ audience: 1. List your major audience  This […]

Heller Fall Fest Video

Getting it Right

Talk about a high pressure job. Brian Carroll makes print editing look like a walk in the park compared to online editing. I got a feeling that he wrote this chapter just to turn me away from that career… But in all seriousness, it sounds like a good online editor must be a jack-of-all-trades. A […]