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The Importance of Editing

My first thought when reading this article: Editing sounds really, really hard. I always thought when I was little that if I didn’t get to be a famous movie star, maybe I could be the person filming so that I could still meet famous people. I change my mind. There is much more involved in […]

Aesthetics of Film

This article is about the different meanings of the phrase “point of view,” and how each definition applies to film and video production. The three applications of this phrase are as follows: 1.) The angle taken by the actual camera. In filming, point of view (or POV) means a shot that is seen literally from […]

Experiencing Design

  The first thing that came to me when I thought of combining experience and design was the idea of a museum. That’s what a museum is all about. They are designed in a way to maximize your experience. A museum’s primary goal is not to stun, to enrage, or to force viewers into some […]

Framing A Viewer’s Attention

This article addresses the main focuses behind. the framing of an image; in this case there are six. They include the direction of the frame, the magnetism, the asymmetry, the figure-ground relationship, psychological closure, and vectors. Direction of The Frame: Much of our what we consume is presented in a horizontal fashion. It is no […]

Adding Audio to Images

Here is my slideshow with commentary added.

Multimodal Polyphony- A Higher Form of Manipulation?

While I was reading this, it struck me as a little odd how Fagerjord treated the combination of modes as a fairly new idea. He attributed its widespread use to modern technology, i.e. computer screens. Is this really the case? Can it not be argued that combining sound with images and languages is an age […]

The Zen of Listening

What I took away from this article, for the most part, is that music evokes nostalgia. Sometimes, it even brings up nostalgia within nostalgia. Music does not always remind us of a certain time, it may remind us of the music itself. It may not remind us of only what we listened to but also […]