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Still Photography in Multi-media

Honestly, I’ve never thought about a slideshow as anything other than an easy class project. Of course I’ve never used one for anything serious. I think that still photography is the most powerful artistic expression. It has always been more moving to me than a painting, or a video, or words. Something about a photo puts a lot of meaning into that image.

This article explains how the power of a still photo can transfer that power to a (well done) multi-media presentation. The only times I’ve seen something that put this into perspective for me is when I watch those daddy-coming-home-from-the-army videos. They always have such moving photos, put with such fitting music and the story is told so well (most of the photos tell a story in and of themselves).

I remember one time in middle school a photojournalist came into our school for career day. I chose to go into his room on a whim; this was waaayyy before I had even considered a major in Comm Studies. What he had to say left an impression. He went through a slide show of images he had taken. I vaguely remember a rule he explained about three vertical sections of a photo and three horizontal sections… supposed to draw your eye to the middle or something like that. Anyway, his photos were amazing. His slideshow has left an impact on me even today. I guess he understood the rules of photojournalism.  He worked for a newspaper (or website, don’t really remember) and his pictures showed that. They were of current events, like wars, poverty, starvation, etc.

If really thought out, I suppose it’s possible  to shoot, edit, storyboard, and publish a meaningful mulitmedia presentation that isn’t an 8th grade presentation on the Civil War.



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