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Chapter Two Response (bc)

I never knew a lot of the tips offered in this chapter. I guess I had never really thought about the fact that website design could be manipulated, so to speak, in a way that could change how viewers perceived the content. Who knew that readers ignore blurbs unless they are the same size as the headline? It made sense once I read it, but I never would have guessed it. There were other points in this chapter that made sense once I read them but had never occurred to me, like the formatting of lists in such specific ways.

I have some experience in HTML (the very basics), so reading through the coding section made some sense to me. I have never used XHTML but it seems pretty easy to transition from one to the other.

The overall message of this section was about how writing changes to specifically tailor to the online community. The only critique I had was the emphasis on the need for speed in online writing. The author references blog writing a number of times, but I disagree that blogs are solely meant to be a fast delivery of information. A lot of blogs are followed by people seeking leisure reading on the web. They aren’t necessarily looking to get their information short and sweet, often the readers are looking for well-written, interesting and fun reading material.

Does the web mean we have to completely revamp the way we present media? How is it possible that the method of intaking media has changed so much between print and web? Did any of these concepts (speed, brevity) of media apply to print, and if so, how is that different from these concepts applying to technology?


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