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How Culture Defines the Meaning in Space and Rhythm

“Given that what is salient is culturally determined, members of different culture groups are likely to have different hierarchies of salience…” Kless and van Leewun have managed to make clear the cultural difference of text and image structure without referring to the structure of spoken language. Since speech is the only way I have seen […]

What Does This Post Mean?

In another Communications class ¬†we have been discussing semiotics and how codes adopt meaning. It makes sense in a practical way, but I didn’t see this in depth analysis as anything more than that. That is, until Chapter 2 pointed out that capitalizing on this process is what makes advertising effective. I had liked semiotics […]

The Truth in Photos

I don’t think that a photo can really be relied upon for Truth. I like to think that photos are the most absolute proof of what is happening in a scene, but I know that to not to be true. This is the case with almost all art- if it were meant to be interpreted […]

Fall is here!

This past weekend I went to Publix to pick up a few things. I walked in and look what I saw! If it’s pumpkin season, it’s fall. The leaves are beginning to change. I’m so excited!   Since I will be using the above photo in my slideshow, I’m adding the pre-Photoshop version of this […]

Gender Roles in Sports Photography

The first thing that struck me about this article was the notion that women are pictured in a domestic, inferior role as compared to men in sports photography. While I’m sure this happens more than it should, the images that come to my mind when I think of women in sports photography are not feminine […]

Pumpkin Patch

One of my best memories as a kid. I loved bundling up in warm clothes and walking up and down the rows, searching for the roundest, cleanest pumpkin with the perfect stem. After I finally found it, we’d go to the farm owner’s cute little shop for a cup of fresh pressed apple cider and […]

Still Photography in Multi-media

Honestly, I’ve never thought about a slideshow as anything other than an easy class project. Of course I’ve never used one for anything serious. I think that still photography is the most powerful artistic expression. It has always been more moving to me than a painting, or a video, or words. Something about a photo […]