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Electracy (/the-learning-screen-introduction-electracy/ This article suggests that orality, literacy, and electracy are flowing; one leads into another. While I see the author’s point, I don’t entirely agree. I think that the step between oral language and written language is much different than the step between the written word and the internet. Electracy is an improvement of […]

Is Google Making Us Less Human? This article started almost as if I was writing it myself. I feel¬†exactly¬†the same way. I remember the days back in high school when I used to stay up till 4 AM, my eyes fighting to stay open while I poured over page after page of whatever book I was reading. I would sit […]

Mission Impossible

I have been going back and forth about what I want to do with my life for years. For a long time, most of high school even, my dream was to join the CIA. After a lot of research and thought, I decided I wasn’t really willing to move around the globe at a moment’s […]